This is the fourth in a series of blog posts called #SocialSuccess. Each month we catch up with a local business in the Tri-States (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania area) and interview them about how they use social media to grow their business. For April, we caught up with Michelle Bakker at Wingle Supply Company in Branchville, New Jersey. She attended our Facebook for Small Business Success class in Milford, Pennsylvania. You can find Wingle Supply Company on Facebook. Here we go:

Question: Tell me briefly about Wingle Supply – what area does it serve, what types of products and services does it provide? How long has it been in business?

Answer: Wingle Supply opened in 1996 and is in its 20th year of business. We serve all of the North Jersey area, Orange County, New York, and Pike County, Pennsylvania. Some of the products we sell are topsoil, mulch, stone, paving stones, retaining walls, Rosetta products, tools, landscape supplies and masonry supplies. We are open all year round supplying ice melt products and Turman, Lignetics and American Wood Fiber wood heating pellets in the winter months. We also rent construction equipment and dumpster services in 10- to- 30-yard containers to contractors and homeowners for construction projects and house clean-outs.

Q: How many mediums do you use to market Wingle Supply? For example: Direct mail, print advertising, online advertising, radio, TV, social media, and which are the most successful?

A: Currently we utilize placemat advertising, The Yellow Pages, Facebook, and we are working on newspaper, radio and TV ads.

Q: Which social networks are your business on?

A: Currently we are on Facebook.

Q: What are your goals in using social media?

A: Wingle Supply is one of New Jersey’s premier suppliers and, we are hoping to increase sales as well as keep our customers informed.

Q: What types of content do you include on Facebook?

A: Our biggest “liked” post was our move to our new store in Augusta, New Jersey. We feature posts by our vendors, promotions within our store, customer contests, and involvement by asking them to post pictures of their projects.

Q: How many people are involved with social media at your business, both in terms of content creation and responding to comments?

A: We have three people that are involved in our Facebook posts and about 165 followers.

Q: What advice would you give to other small businesses when starting on social media or how to improve their social media?

A: Be sure to post something creative and informative every day and/or as much as possible. Also, pay attention to people commenting/liking, and be sure to reply to their comments.

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